Monday, July 12, 2010

Insanity in Greece

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In Greece filming documentary on Greek food and wine---brutal
After 18 hour day of shooting, decided to crank out some cocktails for the other wine pro "movie stars", the entire production crew, an amazing local chef, Kontossoros, and my good friend Angelo Iatridis, of Alpha Estate, in Amyndeo, at a local bar, Mythos.
I created an original cocktail for each and every one of them, with fun names, each with its own story of origin, and every recipe playing to likes and tastes of what I have learned about them in the few long days of the shoot. Each cocktail incorporated local produce, fruits (peaches, cherries, apricots, apples) locally grown herbs, and indigenous spirits (Tsipouro, Ouzo, Mastika, etc.) along with a few of my faves (Grand Marnier, Tanqueray TEN, Don Julio, Zacapa, Havana Club)
Working behind a bar with absolutely no equipment or supplies (good thing I brought my basic gear with me!), I rocked the bar for about 5 hours, and got all 35 of them extremely happy and toasty-----it was INSANITY!
...and of course to end the night, after I had finished and cleaned up, Iliana (our client and friend from EDOAO), Angelo, and the other wine pros, toasted Stigibeu from my flask of Del Maguey Tobala (thanks Ron!) and walked back to our hotel at 4:30am, just in time for a breathtaking sunrise from the balcony of the hotel.
Absolutely amazing...
Off next to the lost city of Atlantis

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